Apprenticeship - Schooling - Training

What can I expect of an Apprenticeship Program?
Most apprenticeships lasts 3 or 4 years depending on the Local Union's requirements. An ideal schedule provides equal training in structural, reinforcing, ornamental, welding and rigging. The actual length of training for each subject may vary depending on the predominant type of work available in the local area.

Apprentices are required to receive at least 210 hours of classroom and shop instruction during every year of training. The subjects taken in the shop and classroom complement the hands-on training received in the field. The subjects include blueprint reading, care and safe use of tools, mathematics, safety issues, welding and oxy-acetylene flame cutting.

Local Apprentice Committees
Chairman, Ron Dow JR.
Structural, Grant McCarthy
Rod, Dennis Masse

Chairman, John Collins
Structural, Randy Dare
Rod, Derek Wilson

Chairman, Mike Bordeleau
Structural, Dave Rutkowski
Rod, Cale Michelucci

If you are looking to submit a resume please submit that with a copy of your high school transcript or diploma to: