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Membership with Ironworkers Local 700

This organization shall consist of an unlimited number of bridge, structural, ornamental, concrete iron workers, machinery movers, stone derrick, shop and navy yard riggers Local Unions, and the various members thereof, and it shall not dissolve so long as any two Local Unions oppose such dissolution.

Membership Requirements

To be admitted to membership in any Local Union of the International Association one must be a practical worker versed in the duties of some branch of the trade as set forth in Section 1 of this Article, of good moral character and competent to demand standard wages.

No person shall be admitted to membership in this Association or any Local Union thereof who is a member of, or associated with, any organization or body of Communists, Naziism, Fascists, or any organization which advocates or furthers the principles or policies of Communism, Naziism, Fascism, or other principles or policies opposed to the principles of the Constitution of the United States or Canada, or to the purpose, aims, or objects of this Association.

Local Unions are required to enforce this section to the letter as relating to applicants, new or old members; failure to do so will suspend all benefits of such Local and its members for thirty (30) days and continuous failure or neglect of such enforcement will forfeit charter of such Local.

Any member or members of the International Association who bears allegiance to or affiliates with any Organization or any kind whatsoever which discriminates in any manner affecting the welfare of the International Association against any other member or members of the International Association or who violates any provision of the Constitution or who prevents any other member's full enjoyment provided by the Constitution may be expelled from the International Association upon charges being filed and after trial thereon.

Any applicant failing to meet the requirements set forth in the foregoing sections, and being rejected therefore by the Local Union to which application is made, shall be ineligible for membership in any other Local of the Association, for a period of six (6) months, subject to review and final decision by the General Executive Board. Any membership gained by false pretenses or misrepresentation may be revoked.